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Trinity Mirror chief pleas with advertisers to boomerang back to traditional publishers

Trinity Mirror chief exhorts advertisers to boomerang back to traditional publishers

Simon Fox, chief executive of Trinity Mirror, has waded into the fake news and brand safety debate by exhorting advertisers to switch their focus from digital publishers back to the traditional media.

In an interesting turn of phrase Fox said he wanted advertisers to be more ‘discerning’ in whom they chose to advertise with by eschewing the charms of a new breed if digital publishers such as Facebook and Google to return to print media.

The intervention heaps further pressure on the tech giants to up their game at censoring and removing extremist material and hate speech from their services.

Outlining his views to CityAM Fox remarked: “We think that digital advertisers do need to be more discerning about where they allow their adverts to be placed.

“The whole programmatic ad stack causes a loss of control, or can cause a loss of control. And therefore, absolutely, the trusted news sites should benefit as advertisers get increasingly concerned about where their adverts are appearing.”

Fox is understandably keen to reverse the steady bleed of advertising spend from titles such as the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror,Sunday People which contributed to a 16% decline in revenue over the first four months of the year.

Google has been fighting back however, signing up Johnson & Johnson as exclusive advertiser partner for its new Ryan Seacrest fronted Youtube show.