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KFC buffs up the Colonel for a romance novel Mother’s Day promo

KFC is at it again with its novelty promos. Aside from its rotating crop of celebrity Colonel Sanders lookalikes, the fast food chain has come up with fried chicken-scented candles, edible nail polish, sunscreen and novelty songs. Now, it’s made the Colonel a romance novel cover star.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, KFC is offering its 92-page romance novel, Tender Wings of Desire: A Colonel Sanders Novella, to anyone for download on Amazon to Kindle. The cover features a bare-armed, buff Colonel holding a woman by the sea. She’s holding a chicken drumstick, of course.

The book is filled with lip-locking (and most likely finger lickin’ good) writing, like this passage.

“To call their affair passionate was an understatement. Sometimes it seemed as though Madeline and Colonel Sanders had been made to love each other, and they tried to do so at every given opportunity.”

There’s an accompanying promo video for Tender Wings of Desire. In it, a shirtless hunk in a cozy seaside cottage reads from the novel, along with a plug for the restaurant. “This Mother’s Day, let Colonel Sanders take care of dinner…and mom’s fantasies.” The promo was done by Wieden + Kennedy.

Amazon is featuring the cover and a passage from the book as a preview, but really, it’s all about mom. And chicken.

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