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American Greetings celebrates Mother’s Day with powerful tattoo honoring mom

American Greetings celebrates Mother’s Day with powerful tattoo honoring mom

If you remember Mullen Lowe's"World's Toughest Job" ad for American Greetings in 2015, you probably remember all the feelings that the ad brought about mothers on Mother’s Day.

Mullen Lowe and American Greetings are back at it again, this year, they created the #GiveMeaning campaign. It begins with Tattoo, which can be summed up by the last line of the video, “A card is just a card – but in the right moment, it means everything.”

The commercial follows a young girl entering a tattoo parlor. The voice of the young girl reading the card begins with, “You are the sunshine of our lives. You’ve brought us love, joy, laughter. Your inner beauty radiates from you. Happy Birthday.”

As the tattoo artist finishes up the tattoo and she places her wrist next to the card, which revels the “Keep Shining” on her arm, she reads, “Keep shining, Love, Mom.”

She then finishes with, “I think she would have liked it.”

"Real life is not like a typical greeting card ad," said Alex Ho, chief marketing officer, American Greetings, in a statement. "At American Greetings, we don't manufacture moments for advertising, we reflect them – and we make sure to remain authentic to our brand and respectful of our consumer by always focusing on what's real and relatable, no more or less drama than what life already brings."

This campaign follows the “World’s Toughest Job” advertisement that the brand created in 2015 and won a North American Effie Award for. That video mocked a job interview where the interviewer laid out criteria such as no breaks, having to wait to eat, no vacation time and no salary, all the while, referring to an associate in place of a child.

In that video, one of the ‘candidates’ yells out, “Moms are the best,” while others thank their own moms for being there for them through it all.

That spot finishes with, “This Mother’s Day, you might want to make her a card.”

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