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Bleacher Report challenges sports fans to ‘Up Your Game’

Bleacher Report challenges sports fans to ‘Up Your Game’

In honor of their 10th anniversary, Bleacher Report teamed up with agency Johannes Leonardo to create “Up Your Game.” With this new brand campaign, Bleacher Report is “shining a light on the intersection of sports and culture".

It begins with, “You think you get the game? Of course, you do. But you gotta get the style.”

The spot highlights different young sports fans, as well as odes to powerful moments in sports. When Kevin Durant left and Russell Westbrook posted a cupcake on social media as a slight, or the paper with the headline, “Maybe the Earth Is Flat After All,” pointing at Cavaliers’ guard Kyrie Irving’s statements that the Earth is flat and he “knows science”.

The spots will be distributed across TV, digital and social as the brands looks to connect with audiences.

Bleacher Report said of the campaign's mission, "This campaign is a direct challenge to one-dimensional fandom, aligning with B/R’s mission to ignite the power of sports culture to make moments that matter.”

“Today, it's not only about highlights and box scores; it's about the world around it. At every turn, it’s the culture that feeds our fandom — be it through music, drama, style, controversy, rumors and so much more. It's the culture that draws us in, connecting us to what happens on the field in a deeper, more intimate way. The culture is the soul of every play, every highlight, every game. And that is why you have to get sports culture to get sports,” said Bleacher Report.

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