Five Black Pencils handed out at D&AD Awards

D&AD Pencils

Five Black Pencils were awarded at the 55th D&AD Professional Awards Ceremony tonight in London, one of the highest accolades in the creative industry.

We’re the Superhumans claimed two Black Pencils on the night, one each for 4Creative and Blink – the creative and production teams (respectively) that created the film to promote Channel 4’s coverage of the 2016 Paralympics.

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, along with being named the most awarded advertising agency at the ceremony, also took home a Black Pencil for its Meet Graham campaign, which aims to promote better road safety by imagining how the human body would need to evolve to better survive on the roads.

Black Pencils were also awarded to INGO Stockholm for its Swedish Number campaign for The Swedish Tourist Association, which gave people the chance to talk to a Swedish person on the phone about the country; and to Serviceplan for its work with Dot Incorporation creating the world’s first Braille smartwatch.

Black Pencil awarded work:

“What an outstanding year for creativity,” commented D&AD CEO Tim Lindsay. “Five Black Pencils, all hugely deserving of the award. What unites them is a clear desire to create a better world, whether it’s promoting diversity, safety or inclusivity but what is really fantastic is that they win this coveted award for their craft. Proof that creativity as a force for good lives outside of a single category but has become an all-encompassing theme.”

In total, 733 Pencils were awarded during D&AD Judging 2017. The number of Pencils awarded by level are as follows:

  • Black Pencil - 5 Pencils
  • Yellow Pencil - 62 Pencils
  • Graphite Pencil - 180 Pencils
  • Wood Pencil - 485 Pencils

“For the first time ever, the United States is the country taking home the most number of Pencils. In fact, the top of the country rankings is comprised of countries from across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, reminding us that D&AD is a truly global organization, encouraging and awarding talent from around the world,” continued Lindsay.

Most awarded

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne was crowned the Most Awarded Advertising Agency of 2017, winning 16 Pencils overall, including 10 Pencils for its Meet Graham campaign, one of which was Black.

Studio Sutherl& was the Most Awarded Design Agency this year, winning eight Pencils overall, including two Yellow, one for its work creating limited edition Agatha Christie stamps for Royal Mail and another for its work with Somos Brasil.

Results by country

For the first time ever, the United States has topped the country rankings - with the United Kingdom coming in second.

  • 1st: United States - 182 Pencils
  • 2nd: United Kingdom - 164 Pencils
  • 3rd: Australia - 54 Pencils

President’s Award

This year the President’s Award winner is Michael Johnson, creative director at Johnson Banks, ex-president of D&AD and Black Pencil winner.

“Michael’s reputation for creative excellence is massive, he represents so much of what I respect about great design and great designers,” said D&AD president Bruce Duckworth. “He manages to distill complicated issues and simplifies them into solutions that you can’t argue with. They’re just right. He does the kind work that you can’t help but notice, the kind of work that I look at and wish I’d done myself. For this reason and for so many others, I am giving this Award to him.”

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