Ogilvy & Mather, IDC and DHR International partners in APAC region to tackle digital disruption for brands

O&M, IDC and DHR partner to help brands tackle digital disruption

Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific, IDC Asia Pacific and DHR International Asia Pacific have launched a new partnership called S_HIFT to tackle digital disruption for brands.

The triumvirate will work to clarify and simplify the challenge around digital transformation in areas such as branding, customer experience, technology advisory and talent leadership.

“At the end of 2016 we conducted research across the region to better understand how prepared organisations are when it comes to the digital transformation of their business. Over 90% responded describing themselves as ‘somewhere on the journey’, however one of the biggest challenges identified was the ownership of the agenda in the boardroom,” said Jerry Smith, chief operating officer, Ogilvy.

“It was clear that transformation of this magnitude for any organisation transcends functions and departments. Collaboration holds the key, and in discussions with our partners at IDC and DHR, it seemed logical that we ourselves collaborate for the mutual benefit of our clients,” he added.

Research papers and executive briefings will be the flavour of the partnership as it seeks to help the C-Suite, with Omni-Experience the first topic the partnership will tackle.

Jason Gorud, group vice-president, IDC Asia Pacific, said, “There is complexity when it comes to the digital transformation of a business, it’s not just the role of IT - technology should enable Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, R&D, and Supply Chain Management as they all stand to benefit from it. But the technology itself isn’t just the answer, it's just one part of the bigger questions we’re hoping to help answer in this partnership. At the end of the day, any transformation must deliver business results for strategic growth.”

Steve Stine, Asia Pacific managing partner, DHR, said, “S_HIFT brings the leadership factor into play. Never before have organisations been so hard pressed to deliver change to both meet demands of today’s consumers and to stave off the onslaught of a new wave of disrupters. Deploying leadership capable of making the leap has never been so important.”

Smith added, “Many organisations are struggling to find clear and manageable structures and solutions to bring together various parts of the business that need to work together. The bespoke consultative approach of S_HIFT helps unify the boardroom through structured assessments and tools we’ve jointly created. These are critical to help our clients plan, implement, and deliver the short, medium, and long term strategic growth they need from digital transformation."

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