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A bird's-eye view - Ten inspiring images taken by drone on Dronestagram

Icebreaker - one of many great shots on Droneestagram

Shooting from altitude was once limited to professionals with helicopters but since 2010, drones have soared where helicopters cannot go, changing the scope, range and availability of stunning aerial photographs.

Drone photography and video is also emerging as a medium in its own right with, as an example, YouTubers like BlackSheep gaining huge subscribers by posting daredevil videos captured by their drones from interesting and unique places around the world. The availability of images for branding and showcasing a product or idea through the use of innovative content like drone videos and photography offers unique opportunities for creatives.

Dronestegram, which as a site feels more akin to Pinterest than Instagram was founded in 2013 by Eric Dupin of France. He created Dronestegram as part-gallery, part-social network for Drone enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Not yet an app, although Dupin is working on that, Dronestagram offers a lively forum where users discuss everything from drone gear, to tops and trick for drone photos and video and general discussions about the medium. It is also a place for drone photographers and videographers to get helpful hints, tips and ideas for professional work in the field. The site also has a photo contest section and the winners have been featured in National Geographic.

The Drum looked at ten of the more interesting drone photos on the site and each one could readily add a unique content element to an ad campaign.

An industrial cooling tower in Belgium has an urban exploration element as well as an iconic image of engineering and industry.

The lighthouse in Vladivostok set against the industrial tower and city in the distance offers a great juxtaposition of old and new and evokes an image of legacy and endurance.

A photo of a an old clock tower in East Sussex is timeless. 

Birdseye view from Costa Rica.

Monte Argentario is the highest rock on the Capo d'Uomo, Italy. This photo depicts the vast seascape and the exhiliaration of reaching the summit. 

This stunning shot of the Isle of Wight was one of the most viewed photos on Dronestagram this week. 

Iceland is both vast, frigid and volcanic.  A real treat for a Dronie!

A circle of smiling faces in Manila, Philippines says it all. Drone photography is both evocative and simple. There are many opportunities within the medium for creatives to consider. 

Some of the busiest places in the world are cargo ports but drone photography offers a superior overview of the volume and capacity of these ports.

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