France 2 launches immersive escape game experience for season 2 of Les Témoins

For the season two premiere of crime drama "Les Témoins" ("Witnesses"), France 2 and production company Cinétévé launched an immersive escape game experience with virtual reality elements.

In 'Émilie S. - Libérez Émilie', fans of the series are challenged to free Émilie Sauvage, the first murder victim of season two, from her prison. The game can be played as an actual escape room adventure at La Pièce in Paris or online at Both escape experiences are designed for two players, with one playing the game in virtual reality.

La Pièce in Paris offers its visitors the special 60-minute escape room experience since 15 March. While one player actually explores the rooms of Émilie's prison, the other is wearing a HTC Vive headset and sees the same room in virtual reality. Each player receives different information and tasks. In order to free Émilie and escape the room, the players have to cooperate and share information.

The online version of the 'Émilie S.' escape game is designed for two players as well. While one player explores Émilie's prison in a 360-degree web experience on a computer, the other player uses a mobile device for looking around the 360-degree environment. By holding the phone horizontally, they enable VR mode and can use a Cardboard for a more immersive experience. The computer and mobile screens are synchronized through entering a code on the mobile device, and players then find themselves in the same room, but at different times. With the help of the player on the mobile device, the user on the desktop has to collect and rearrange objects in the room in order to restore its original condition and eventually find the key.

After having successfully escaped, users can watch the first episode of the second season of Les Témoins, which premiered in France on 15 March.

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