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Indians are uninstalling Snapchat after alleged Snap CEO comment: 'this app is only for rich people'


Snapchat users in India are encouraging each other to #UninstallSnapchat after it surfaced earlier this week that Snap CEO Evan Speigel allegedly said that he had no desire to expand in to countries such as India because the app was for "rich people".

Speigel made the comments in 2015 at an internal meeting to an employee who had expressed concern that the app wasn't growing quickly enough overseas. In response, the founder allegedly said: “This app is only for rich people...I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain," according to Variety.

The comments came to light after that employee, named Anthony Pompliano, filed a redacted lawsuit containing the comments in January. Snap last week dropped efforts to keep it under wraps and released it in a public filing.

In response to the comments Snapchat fans in India have taken to Twitter to boycott the app.

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