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Tesco apologises for 'Good Friday just got better' beer ad

Tesco has apologised after its Easter campaign drew criticism from Christians for linking a beer deal to Good Friday.

The ad, which ran in several newspapers earlier this week, claimed "Good Friday just got better" thanks to the grocer's deals on alchohol, but for some the sentiment missed the mark.

Vicar and broadcaster, Reverend Richard Coles, said the ad was "extraordinarily and unnecessarily ignorant," for linking the promotions with a day in which Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus. Some people mark the day by fasting; including abstaining from eating meat or drinking alcohol.

The supermarket said in a statement that the print campaign had since been pulled.

"We know that Easter is an important time of the year for our customers," said a spokesperson. "It is never our intention to offend and we are sorry if any has been caused by this advert. We will not publish it again."

The controversy follows on from a furore aimed at chocolate maker Cadbury and the National Trust on behalf of the Church of England and Theresa May. The row was prokvoked after the companies rebranded their annual Easter Egg Trails event as the Great British Egg Hunt, omitting the Christian festival from the title.