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Foot Locker sends three customers across the world for new sneakers


By Haley Velasco, Freelance journalist

April 14, 2017 | 4 min read

From New York to Milan, Toronto to Amsterdam and London to New York, three Foot Locker customers got to head across the world to pick up a new pair of kicks. In their newest campaign, 'Pick Up Trips,' Foot Locker was looking to bring sneaker culture to a whole new level.

Foot Locker sends three customers across the world for new sneakers

Foot Locker sends three customers across the world for new sneakers / Courtesy of Edelman & Foot Locker

“As the leading global retailer of athletic footwear and apparel with more than 1,800 stores, Foot Locker wants to celebrate global sneaker culture in a unique way around the world. We know that sneakerheads sometimes have to hunt for the latest new releases and that can mean having to travel to multiple stores,” said Jed Berger, vice-president, brand marketing, Foot Locker. “That feeling of discovery is a big part of being a sneakerhead and a unique characteristic of our consumers.”

The one in New York features Dashawn Martin from the Bronx who got sent to a Foot Locker store in Milan, Italy to grab his pair of Nike Air Max 97s. In Toronto, Canada, David Tyndale from Ontario, was sent to Amsterdam, Netherlands, to pick up his “Silver Bullet” by Nike pair. The third and final trip was for Luke Graydon of London, England who got to travel to Foot Locker’s Times Square store in New York City for the Nike Tuned Air in metalli, silver, red or black.

“We wanted to offer trips that our consumer would never dream of, like flying to different continents to explore sneaker culture around the world. New York City was an obvious choice being one of the worldwide meccas for sneakerheads and the city where Foot Locker first started out. The UK is another strong market for sneaker style, but then we discussed other sneaker movements around the world that maybe people aren’t as familiar with. Milan, Amsterdam, and Toronto have really come on strong in recent years, boasting their own unique styles and trends. We wanted to use this opportunity to share those stories and bond them in solidarity with the rest of the worldwide sneaker community,” Berger said.

In addition to the video campaign, Foot Locker launched two campaigns this week, #MySneakerStories, which enlists Foot Locker influencers and sneakerheads worldwide to share their personal sneaker stories across Foot Locker Instagram accounts, showing what their shoes mean to them. As well as, #GloballyApproved to denote launch product available at Foot Locker locations worldwide.

“Social media is the primary arena for where are customers are able to catch a glimpse of the many different styles and sneakers available around the world, and we wanted to further encourage that conversation,” Berger said.

Additionally, in select stores in New York, Toronto, Paris and London, Foot Locker will have a Sneaker Selfie station so customers can take photos in the photo booth to be uploaded to social media.

“We wanted to maximize the number of touch points our consumers and fans would have to interact with each other and have shared, in-person experiences. We know sneaker culture relies heavily on social media for its reach, but the in-store experience is still very much a part of the overall experience,” Berger said.

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