Stein IAS creates a 12-strong management team amidst agency growth

After a record year with revenues up by 24%, global B2B marketing agency, Stein IAS, has undergone one of their biggest management restructures in 44 years, forming a 12 person strong executive management team.

Led by CEO, Rob Morrice, and chairman and chief client officer Tom Stein, the newly formed team will lead the next phase of growth for Stein IAS in the Americas, Europe and APAC.

The senior team comprises Reuben Webb (chief creative and values officer), Marc Keating (chief innovations officer), Derek Stewart (chief strategy officer), Mike Ruby (chief content and experience officer), Craig Duxbury (global client services director), Ted Kohnen (managing director, Americas and Asia), Sue Guerrero (chief operations officer), Mark Eade (chief finance officer) and Cal Jackson (chief HR officer). The agency has also brought on board a managing director to head up its European operation in Danny Turnbull – recruited from fellow B2B agency, gyro.

“Stein IAS has been operating at full throttle for some time, so we’ve decided to pull together a management team from within and outside the agency walls to maintain this upwards growth curve,” says Morrice. “The restructure benefits every department and every office location. Things move quickly in this industry, so we’ve acted with speed and conviction to bolster our executive team and drive the next phase of growth.

“We now have chief officers appointed to lead the primary areas of our business across creative, content, interactions, planning, operations, client services, finance and HR. Plus we have a chief values officer who will be responsible for nurturing our strong cultural values – an area that already differentiates us from most agencies.”

In its fiscal year ahead, Stein IAS will be focusing on the connected content experiences that fuse creative approaches with technologies and data science.

“We believe that we’re entering an era of post-modern marketing – which is an exciting time for clients and agencies alike. On the one hand it’s about revisiting and re-emphasizing the emotional connection of the pre-digital, 'Mad Men' advertising days. But it’s equally about leveraging everything from marketing cloud technologies to VR/AR to artificial intelligence. We call the team MiX, short for Most Important Experiences, because that’s what we’re trying to create for our clients and their audiences,” concluded Morrice.