President Trump's tweets to be archived by White House

Even deleted tweets from the president, like the one above, will be archived

The National Archives and Records Administration has said the White House is definitely saving President Trump's tweets – even those he deletes or corrects.

As per the Presidential Records Act, officials have a duty to preserve Trump’s public communications, and according to reports published last week archive head David S. Ferriero informed two Democrats that the leader's tweets are being preserved for posterity.

Ferriero said in a letter to two senators last week that the White House told the archives department Trump's entire back backlog of tweets will be archived, but gave no details as to how officials were doing so.

This means that Trump's Twitter blunders from his own personal account @realDonaldTrump – including misspellings and mistakes – will be saved for future generations.

The evolving social landscape means it is now commonplace for world leaders to hand over digital assets. When Obama's term ended at the start of this year the former commander in chief's tweets were preserved by Twitter after he gave the @POTUS handle to Trump.

Twitter has been the President's platform of choice for bypassing traditional media to break news and make official statements. Last week, however, US officials found themselves embroiled in a potential legal spat with the social network after it took issue with them seeking out the identity of an anonymous account which had been critical of Trump.

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