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McDonald's forgoes traditional CVs, encouraging candidates to apply for jobs via Snapchat instead

McDonald's forgoes CVs, encouraging candidates to apply for jobs via Snapchat instead

McDonald's is fielding job applications, or 'Snapplications', via Snapchat – letting users apply for a position in one of its branches by sending a 10-second video of themselves.

The food giant has launched the unique proposition for jobseekers in Australia, allowing applicants to use an interactive Lens to see what they would look like the hallmark McDonald's uniform and put themselves forward for a role by recording a short clip.

Once their application is submitted, users will be directed to the McDonald's jobsite and be given the opportunity to enter a more formal interview process.

A series of vertical Snapchat ads are running in tandem with the Lens, promoting the opportunities associated with a career at the fast-food chain.

51% of Snapchat's video users are aged under 24 according to data from Ampere Analysis, and McDonald’s director of digital Mark Wheeler says the company is aiming to connect this younger demographic in an authentic way.

“As a business, McDonald’s is constantly evolving its approach to digital technology, for both the customer and our employees” he said.

“Our priority is on delivering more easy and enjoyable ways for people to interact with us so it made sense to engage with young people on a platform we know they are on. The ‘Snaplications’ lens is about giving young people the opportunity to interact with us, on their terms.”

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