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Brazillian football club uses shirt numbers to advertise offers at a local supermarket

Flu de Feira ads

Brazil is home to a disproportionate volume of football greats (the national side earlier in the week returned to the top of the Fifa rankings after a seven year absence). However, one club has put the nation on the map again with a bizarre ad activation that utilises players' shirt numbers to promote pricing at a local supermarket.

The fortunes of the retail and sport sectors are typically intertwined however, Flu de Feira, a club in Brazil’s forth tier adopted an unconventional bit of promotion in a deal with a local supermarket.

During its midweek fixture against Bahia, shirt numbers on the back of players were used to unveil special offers on goods like pizza, shampoo, shaving foam and more.

On the unique partnership, ESPN quotes marketing director Xiko Melo as having said: “Football is very ungrateful to small teams when it comes to the sponsorship issue, we are always looking for new partners, innovations, and this project was developed by one of these partnerships. In each game, we will bring different offers."

The club lost 6-0. A result any match day sponsor would be right to be unhappy with.

It follows a just-as-inventive scheme from the Swedish women’s football team which recently replaced the names on the back of their kits with empowering messages as part of a campaign intended to inspire women.

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