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Kiki Kendrick gets nine typos into one ad | You Couldn't Make This Crap Up

Actor and playwright Kiki Kendrick worked in advertising for 20 years prior to making it on the screen herself. And in her ad land days, many mishaps occurred.

On a trip to Paris for one of her first ads, Kendrick took an all expenses paid long weekend beforehand to see the sights…only to arrive at the shoot without the beauty product they were filming. A chaotic scramble followed to create the ad despite being unsure of what the product actually looked like – was it a cream or a gel?

“It was too late," she recalled. "Not even a courier could get it sent over, so it had this horrendous banner at the bottom with the product in. It didn’t really work, that ad.”

She also tells the tale of her first ad at BBH. Kendrick was a copywriter, despite having failed O-level English (twice). After being signed off by all the relevant people and going to print, Kiki was called in to management’s office.

There were nine spelling mistakes in the ad and two in the headline. “They hadn’t spotted the spelling mistakes until it was in print unfortunately...

You Couldn't Make This Crap Up is created by Nicole Bosky and Tom Baker.

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