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Center Parcs leaves Brothers and Sisters for Y&R

Center Parcs has hired Y&R as its new ad agency.

Center Parcs has appointed Y&R London, bringing to an end the four-year relationship the business had with Brothers and Sisters.

The Drum has learned initial meetings were held with at least three agencies in February and of those Center Parcs opted for Y&R’s pitch.

The appointment signals a creative change in direction for the holiday company, coming just months after it launched a nationwide push to promote the forest around its facilities as a playground.

Brothers and Sisters was behind the popular ‘Bears’ ad in 2015, which was conceived as a fun way to lure people to the holiday getaway as a way to beat the January blues.

Using a blend of CGI animation and live footage, the ad imagined a family of bears divided by the monotony of life, whether it was work or TV dinners, who are brought together again when they visit Center Parcs. It kicked off a more emotional style of advertising – akin to those from John Lewis – which continued up until its most recent campaign.

Neither Center Parcs or Y&R were able to confirm the appointment by the time this article was published.

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