By Laurie Fullerton | Freelance Writer

April 3, 2017 | 2 min read

Using seasonal video ads in areas like weather targeting has been “table stakes” for company’s like Lowe’s for quite some time, according to Bob Estrada, EVP and director of strategic partnerships at BBDO New York, the agency for the home improvement retailer.

With the wealth of behavioral data available, Estrada notes that spring is a huge time of year for dynamic video for a client like Lowe's. He notes that “bad weather, good weather has a massive impact on their business,” and there are many options for videos from weekend projects to plans for home improvement. But, he notes that he also urges clients like Lowe’s to take a smart approach to video marketing.

Being more strategic requires a shift on the client side,” he said. “The client has to think about video first, not just channel first. You can overproduce content or you can do testing and learning. You have to be agile in market, create all the different assets, look at it quickly, respond and throttle up when it’s appropriate.”

“It can be kind of functional within a category, or you bought a thing therefore here’s the next thing you can buy, using the data we know about people to appeal to them in more emotional terms,” said Estrada. Such thinking requires a shift on the client side to not just think channel first but to think about video and consumer first.

Estrada notes that a smarter approach is to tap into moments in peoples’ lives and use the behavioral data that can make its way into a creative brief, he explained during recent Beet.TV summit presented by Eyeview.

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