Netflix France invites users to explore the phone of '13 Reasons Why' protagonist Hannah

Users can uncover the tragic story of the high school student from "13 Reasons Why" by exploring her phone in a web experience.

Netflix's new teen drama "13 Reasons Why" centers on Hannah Baker, a high school student who committed suicide after feeling isolated and being bullied. Ahead of the series' worldwide release on 31 March, Netflix France launched an interactive web experience for mobile devices that lets fans explore the content of Hannah's phone.

At, users have access to Hannah's messages and contacts, her Instagram account, her browser history and more. They can read the last text messages she and her classmates have been exchanging before her death and scroll through her Instagram feed. In Hannah's browser history, they find sites such as a Facebook help page that explains how to block someone on the network.

Users get immersed into Hannah's social environment and get a pretty good understanding of her struggles at school. The website is an overall great promotion as it lets users dive into the story of the new series and leaves them wanting to know more while at the same time providing bonus content for fans.

Lana Zöllner is a research analyst at VAST MEDIA, a media research and consulting company based in Berlin that provides international television industry leaders with qualitative competitive market analysis of digital entertainment and content marketing. These posts are based on their platform VAST BUZZ which contains thousands of these cases studies.

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