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Logo, human presence and branding are key to top-performing mobile ads, says Celtra

Logo, human presence and branding are key to top performing mobile ads

Top-performing mobile ads follow some common principles according to Celtra and On Device Research’s analysis of the top 20% of mobile ads (ad recall and purchase intent).

The ad recall of the top 20% of mobile ads saw an uplift of 20% compared to the control group, while the remaining mobile ads only saw a 3% uplift, according to the analysis. Similarly, the purchase intent of the best performing 20% of mobile ads is six times more effective than the remaining 80%.

This comes at a time where calls for ‘better standards’ for mobile ads, and growth at a rapid rate despite bandwidth issues. Mobile ads still get bad press despite these developments, with 60% of clicks on mobile banner ads being an accident, 71% saying half the ads disrupt the mobile experience and 69% saying that mobile ads obscure content, according to Celtra and On Device Research.

Thus, to be a top performing mobile ad, the analysis has show that brands must follow six or more of these principles:

1. Logo Presence on every frame is critical

2. A human presence can engage

3. Product shots catch the eye

4. Placing branding at the top of the creative boosts ad recall

5. Be cautious with dual branding as it can distract and confuse

6. A single clear message beats a text heavy ad overloaded with information

7. Video grabs the user’s attention

8. Inject a little humour into your creative

9. A bit of interactivity holds the user’s attention

10. If you want to drive purchase, then unsurprisingly having a strong call to action helps

“To effectively tell their stories, brands must ensure quality creative in their ads. This study offers great lessons on what makes an effective mobile ad creative. By combining the guidelines from this study with a compelling story, and enabling such quality ads at scale, only then will advertisers realize the full potential of their advertising efforts,” said Alex Saric, chief marketing officer, Cletra.

"These recommendations are rooted in robust quantitative analysis and as such provide a useful check list for mobile marketers to reference before embarking on a mobile brand campaign,” said Alistair Hill, chief executive officer, On Device Research.

"If you bear these guidelines in mind, your ad is going to stand a higher than average chance of being noticed and having a positive impact on purchase intent," he added.

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