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Feathers fly as Samsung alights on an Ostrich to sell Gear VR

Accused of sticking its head in the sand over the Galaxy S7 combustion debacle, Samsung is continuing in a similar vein this year by employing an Ostrich to promote its Gear VR headset.

The feathered brand ambassador is depicted inadvertently donning a Gear VR while rummaging for food, only to trigger a flight simulator – enabling it to take to the skies for the first time since its ancestors first found themselves grounded millions of years ago.

Cue exaggerated footage of Ostrich’s eyes stretching wide in amazement, its beak dropping and its feathers ruffling as it prances around its flock, landing in the face first in the dirt.

Perseverance pays off however and the advert closes with the bird majestically rising into the sky for real, above a soaring tagline then reads: ‘We make what can’t be made, so you can do what can’t be done.’

Samsung was recently embroiled in claims emanating from WikiLeaks that its smart TV's were co-opted by the CIA to gather information on suspects.