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Data as a conversation starter is a key component to marketing success today, notes Media Maths' Joanna O'Connell

Joanna O'Connell

With television advertisers, publishers, editors, mathematicians and agencies all working at finding answers about how marketing should work, for Media Math’s CMO Joanna O’Connell, it comes down to valuable conversations.

In a recent interview with Beet TV, the marketing analyst turned marketing chief notes that despite coming at it from different angles, there are some fundamental truths about marketing which includes helping a marketer or agency create conversation at scale with their prospects and customers. Using math and technology helps of course, but “great marketing should enable a marketer and a consumer to connect in a way that’s providing value to both of them.”

O’Connell insists that the best way to bring value is to have a really strong understanding of data and how to use data.

Having spent three years advising marketers as a Forrester analyst before building out AdExchanger‘s research and analysis capability, and then joining MediaMath, O’Connell notes that to help advertisers buy across channels, ”you need a really strong understanding of data, which includes an enrichment of data sets that have proven value. You need to do that at a core.”

Fresh from the launch of a set of marketing tools to clients in Australia, New Zealand, SoutheastAsia, MediaMath has also just partnered with Zirca Digital Solutions to set up shop in India, which marks the 42nd country for the company. Amid expansion, O’Connell retains her opinion that without data, the experience for marketers and customers is incomplete.

“To make the experience great, you need to be able to understand, in that moment, what is the right thing to do – that takes holistic decision making,” she says. “You need to be able to measure against true business outcomes … and you need to have a great creative experience."

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