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Twitter seeks to cash-in on Periscope videos with pre-roll ads

Twitter is seeking to generate some much needed advertising dollars by selling pre-roll ads on Periscope, its live-stream video service.

The micro-blogging platform is hoping that users will be happy to sit through a commercial before they can view their desired video, a format which will extend to non-live content hosted on Twitter as well.

To streamline implementation Twitter is repurposing its existing pre-roll video ad system run under its Amplify system for the task, which content creators receive around 70% of ad revenues generated, with Twitter taking a 30% cut.

The Periscope implementation will operate along ‘similar’ lines.

Twitter has been desperate to find new revenue streams to monetise its mammoth user base since a failed sale, which fell apart amidst investor concern at the businesses inability to turn a profit. By relying on live video to plug the gap Twitter is targeting the biggest cash cow in advertising but faces stiff competition from Facebook and Snapchat.