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Tesco and Marmite are the most mentioned Brexit brands for Brits says Amobee

Tesco and Marmite are the top Brexit brands

Tesco and Marmite are the brands that have so far defined Brexit according analysis from martech company Amobee.

The company measured social media mentions and digital media content volumes, to collate which brands were most intricately tied to the UK’s process of formally exiting the European Union, submitted today Wednesday (29 March).

Supposed pricing wars between Tesco and Unilever brand Marmite were to thank for populating the top two in the list between 28 December 2016 and 28 March 2017. The clash was dubbed MarmiteGate and it was the highest profile (and one of the earliest) incidents of brands expressing a desire to raise prices in correlation to the Sterling crash activated by the Referendum.

David Barker, senior vice president and managing director and senior vice president of Amobee EMEA, said: "With Brexit approaching, the data shows that UK audiences are most anxious about prices rising around such low margin items as food.

“Price point is more relevant than ever to consumers and with CPG brands already getting squeezed, ROI is going to become increasingly important around digital advertising. Brands need to find more cost effective ways to reach a relevant digital audience with their messaging; and the brands that are most efficient in reaching consumers will have a major competitive advantage.”

Tesco ranked the most Brexit related content, brands were ranked in how much content they mustered in comparison to the retailer’s 100% benchmark, the runners-up are as follows: Marmite (72%) HSBC (61%) it announced it will be moving as 1,000 jobs to Paris, Cadbury (51%) blamed Brexit for a chocolate shrinkage – as did Toblerone (49%).

The firm reports that in the past three months, 12% of all Tesco digital content engagement has been Brexit related in the UK.

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