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Footy McFooty Face leads poll to name MLS club as the internet proves again it's not to be trusted

Footy McFootyFace - an ode to Boaty McBoatFace

The city of San Diego is creating a new stadium and training facility but has shot itself in the foot by welcoming the public to aid it in naming a club it is keen to host in its new Soccer City and enter into the Major League Soccer (MLS) tournament.

The city has asked the public to name the potential team in a Facebook poll, but as is the case with almost all invitations of this type, the scheme has not quite played out as planned with a slate of silly names populating the list echoing BoatyMcBoatfacegate, which saw a scientific research vessel almost granted an absurd name as the result of a public poll.

However, it is Footy McFooty Face that sits atop the list with a substantial margin of separation from more sensible entries like San Diego Surf and San Diego Football Club.

At the time of publication the suggestion sits at over 8,000 votes as pictured.

Most recently Paramount Pictures became the victim of its own personalised movie poster campaign after entrants used it as a platform to protest the movie’s alleged whitewashing of lead characters – although previous to that numerous other brands found out the hard way that it doesn’t always pay to empower anonymous people on the internet (see Coke Gif the Feeling, Boaty McBoatFace, McDonald’s Create a Burger).

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