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Tennent Caledonian launches three new beers with Loch Katrine projection

The Caledonia line showcased at Katrine

Tennent Caledonian has underlined its new range of premium ales with a projection stunt at Loch Katrine, north of Glasgow.

The loch, where the brewer sources its water, will feed into the new range, the Outpost IPA, Double Hop and Hopscotch.

The proposition, ‘to light up the beer scene’ is reinforced by the projection stunt that will see the legacy brand make a move against craft brewers in the region with its own line of products in the category.

Wendy Espie, senior brand manager at Tennent’s, said: “Unveiling our new ‘Caledonia’ range by projecting on the banks of Loch Katrine, a key ingredient of the beers is really special for us, even more so as this is the first time the loch has been used in this way.

“The beers represent a contemporary Scotland so we’re delighted to have been able to launch in a modern way, by projecting their image onto the beautiful surrounds of Loch Katrine to really emphasise the link between the beers and their key ingredient."

Tesco and the Co-Op will stock the new lines initially in March.

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