By Kyle O'Brien, Creative Works Editor

March 27, 2017 | 3 min read

Premium men’s underwear company, Tommy John has begun releasing a 22-piece online content mini-series titled “Kevin Hart’s Morning Briefing” to highlight the problems men have with their underwear in an entertaining and engaging way.

The series was made in complete collaboration with Tommy John’s agency of record, Austin, Texas-based Preacher, the in-house Tommy John creative team, and comedian Kevin Hart’s entertainment company HartBeat Productions.

Each ‘Morning Briefing’ has Hart humorously discussing issues like pinching, bunching, riding up, breathability and adjustments, most done in Tommy John underwear.

Hart is more than just a spokesman for the brand – he is a partner and investor in the company and a genuine fan of the brand, which is why he is collaborating on the promotions.

“I put in the work for brands I truly believe in. This collaboration is no different,” said Hart. “Both HartBeat Productions and Tommy John are passion projects for me, and it was exciting to leverage them both to produce this series so seamlessly.”

In February 2016, Hart approached Tom Patterson, founder and chief executive officer of Tommy John, looking to invest in the company and leverage his success and platform to spread awareness and grow a brand he loves. Patterson, inspired by Hart’s hustle and years of dedication in building his own personal brand, agreed, and so a partnership was born – one that would not only stay true to the ballsy, humor-driven, say-it-like-it-is personality of Tommy John (as seen through its “No Adjustment Needed” platform) but that would also introduce the brand to Hart’s loyal and diverse audience.

Hart has proven to be a top performing acquisition channel for the brand ever since.

“This is a unique collaboration designed to utilize Kevin’s skills as a natural born entertainer to promote the brand’s commitment to tackle the uncomfortable truths about men’s underwear,” said Josh Dean, chief marketing officer of Tommy John. “We feel so fortunate to have been given access to Kevin’s incredible audience. We have seen massive growth already, and we’re only just getting started.”

Five videos have launched to date via both Hart’s and the brand’s owned digital and social channels racking up over 5.3 million views in total. New content will continue to launch throughout the year, some correlating to key sales holidays and seasons for the brand. Additionally, Tommy John will launch a collaboration of underwear and socks with Kevin Hart in Fall 2017. The content is running on Tommy John’s YouTube channel and being promoted through Kevin’s Hart Instagram and Twitter feed.

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