Sneaky Pete continues reign as top TV draw on Amazon Prime

While viewers were clamoring for the return of Hand of God last week, the excitement soon dropped off; Bryan Cranston's 'Sneaky Pete' recaptured the top spot this week, driving 27 percent of Prime streams.

Additional insights via Jumpshot:

Slow Hand: Season 2 of Hand of God debuted on Amazon Prime on March 10 and took the top slot during its first week. However, this week, it saw a 33% drop-off in viewership which pushed the series to the 2nd position behind Season 1 of Sneaky Pete. Hand of God drew a 23% share this week.

Return of Little Orphan Black: The other major debut on Amazon Prime this week was Season 4 of Orphan Black. While fans of the show are starting to countdown to the fifth and final season of the series, the penultimate season, unfortunately, was only the 5th most popular TV show viewed on Amazon Prime this week, drawing a 4% share.