By Minda Smiley | Reporter

March 23, 2017 | 2 min read

Pantene is shining a spotlight on African American hair in the latest installment of its "Strong is Beautiful" campaign.

The ad, which stars Lion Babe singer Jillian Hervey alongside other African American women, promotes the brand’s recently launched Gold Series hair care collection. According to Pantene, Gold Series marks the first time that the brand worked with African American PhD scientists, stylists and dermatologists to co-create a hair care collection. The new line, which includes eight different styling and care products, was made for women who have relaxed, natural or transitioning hair.

In a press release, Pantene acknowledged that it hasn’t always done the best job of embracing African American hair and styles throughout its history.

“Pantene has helped to define ‘Beautiful Hair’ for 40 years through powerful images of strong, healthy hair; however, while diversity and inclusion continue to improve in society, there is still a level of inequality in how African American hair is represented in popular culture and in mainstream hair care advertising,” the brand stated. “Mass brands, like Pantene, have inadvertently been a part of this pervasive hair bias with a history of advertising showcasing a limited representation of African American hair styles and textures and promoting long, shiny, smooth hair as the pinnacle of hair health and beauty. Pantene has set out to change this perception and empower all women to embrace their strong and unique hair, because all strong hair is beautiful hair.”

Other women who have appeared in Pantene’s "Strong is Beautiful" campaign, created by Grey New York, include Ronda Rousey, Priyanka Chopra and Selena Gomez.

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