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John Jessup unleashes his inner pyromaniac | You Couldn't Make This Crap Up

The former Leo Burnett creative director on what happens when real sparks fly in an agency.

Jessup brought fireworks into the office, causing much excitement among his fellow creatives. His colleague Nick Wray went to show the team next door, then an ominous 'whoosh!' sound was heard. They had wafted a lighter underneath jokingly, which backfired...

“I rush out into the corridor to see a rocket without the stick spiralling down the corridor. It hits these big double doors at the end where the studio is and explodes like rockets do.”

Unbelievably, this wasn’t the first pyrotechnical incident that occurred when Jessup was in the agency.

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You Couldn't Make This Crap Up is created by Nicole Bosky and Tom Baker.

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