Dough yeah: Domino’s ad recreates the Ferris Bueller home run for Pizza Tracker app

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is one of the most memorable movies to emerge from the '80s, and Domino’s Pizza is paying homage to it with a lovingly crafted slot promoting its new Pizza Tracker app.

The company is promoting its Pizza Tracking capabilities on smartwatch by recreating the iconic Ferris Bueller sprint – spurned by an imminent delivery.

Licensed from Paramount Pictures, complete with the soundtrack 'Oh Yeah, Stranger Things actor Joe Keery fills the role as the most popular kid in school.

Karen Kaiser, Domino's vice president of advertising, said: “We know that customers find the Domino's Tracker to be a fun part of ordering from Domino's, so we tried to capture their excitement in this new ad. While we modernized the classic scene with Domino's Tracker technology and Domino's custom-built delivery car, the DXP, the scene otherwise stays true to the 80s Paramount cult classic."

The video will air online in 60 and 30 second cuts, and will touchdown on TV in a brief 15 second activation. Eagle-eyed viewers will also noticed a cameo from Alan Ruck, who played Cameron in the original.

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