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Singapore telco StarHub launches new innovation and operations centre Hubtricity

StarHub launches a new centre for innovation and monitoring

Singapore telco StarHub launched new innovation and operations centre, Hubtricity, to monitor fixed, mobile and pay TV networks and services.

These offerings will be monitored on how they are performing via customer responses via real-time call centre and social media analytics. This is with an aim to reduce response times to service disruption, which seems to take a leaf out of a recent survey stating the importance of response times to APAC consumers.

Having such monitoring capabilities allow StarHub to ensure fixes to disruption or dissatisfaction have reflected in customer responses on social media, rather than just trumpet the fact that service has been fixed.

StarHub will not be hogging the insights to itself, sharing it with its partners according to Rod Strother, head of digital transformation, StarHub.

“We offer analytics capabilities to companies through Curiosity, StarHub’s Digital and Social Analytics Hub. This is where we gather data from the various social media platforms which can be mined for actionable insights,” said Strother.

“Companies can then leverage on such insights to help with different aspects of their business ranging from reputation management to making decisions around content marketing,” he added.

Data gathered will be anonymised, providing insight into what customers are watching, allowing media planners and advertisers an insight into people are watching. This too will help StarHub understand the kind of content customers are looking for.

“Our Television Audience Measurement system, SmarTAM, uses Return Path Data (RPD) technology harvested from our two-way digital set-top boxes in customers’ homes. It tracks both real-time and time-shift viewing of TV content and advertising spots across more than 200 StarHub TV channels,” said Strother.

“As a result, we are able to offer such granular insights to advertisers, media buyers, and content providers into what StarHub TV households and individuals are watching. At the same time, this allows us to better understand our customers’ usage pattern and preferences, so that we can tailor and offer compelling content around their needs,” he added.

While tracking discontent on social media is a good way to gauge what people think about your brand, Singaporeans are notorious for complaining on social media. McDonald’s Facebook page bears testament to that, with customers complaining any and every post.

Strother claims that their social media analytics will track sentiments across various networks, which can give a better sense of what customers are saying.

“As we are able to track conversations across open social networks, it helps us get a true sense of the ‘voice of the customer’. This is useful as we would know exactly what people are saying to and about us, enabling us to respond to customers’ needs better and faster,” said Strother.

Such centres like Hubtricity marks yet another way smart cities or smart nation initiatives are coming to the fore for businesses, as data analytics paves the way forward.

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