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Logan TV ad takes a slash at Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in box office threat

Fox’s conclusion to Hugh Jackman’s stint as Wolverine in Logan is getting rather confrontational in a TV ad entitled Beauty Or Beast.

In cinemas at the same time as Disney’s Beauty and the Beast remake starring Emma Watson as Belle, a 15 second slot hints that the X-Men star is looking to chop down the fairytale’s push towards box office records. Beauty and the Beast is set to break March box office records; the LA Times reports that online ticket firm Fandango claims it’s the best pre-selling family movie in the company’s 17 year history. Furthermore, it’s expected to rack up $240m globally in its opening weekend.

Logan on the other hand, sits atop the box office chart, with a global opening weekend estimate of $237m, despite being available to a much smaller pool of consumers due to its R-rated status.

The TV spot urges: “Some want to see the Beauty, but you should see the Beast.” It is followed by a highly visceral retelling of some of the movie’s action.

Both movies are now facing off against Kong: Skull Island and Get Out for viewer retention, and with a Power Rangers movie just around the corner, it’s unclear which movie will come out on top.

It could be argued that Fox has put in the groundwork to ensure Logan's success, delvering an extensive marketing campaign culminating in a Super Bowl slot, backed by intriguing leaked cuts and artsy takes, check out the full pre-launch campaign here.

And additionally, see how it measures up to Fox's Deadpool which rewrote the book on content marketing for movies.

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