Posterscope 'evolves' digital OOH offering with AI-driven, programmatic ad-serving

Posterscope has today (15 March) debuted its Dynamic Scheduling service, which offers clients – including early adopters Charlotte Tilbury and Santander – access to programmatic ad serving across all digital out-of-home campaigns.

Powered by Liveposter, the platform is ‘programmatic’ in the sense that different creative from the same campaign is served based on time, place and audience.

Digital billboard ads can be optimised hourly by location to target a specific audience within an area through artificial intelligence. A so-called ‘genetic algorithm’ can compare efficiently compare millions of locations and their hourly audiences in order to identify the optimum content schedule.

Posterscope developed the tech in response to its own research that showed serving relevant content by audience increases the overall effectiveness by 15%.

The company reports it is the first OOH specialist agency to offer a programmatic product with proven campaign effectiveness to all clients. However other businesses have taken a shot at merging outdoor with digital advertising, such as Clear Channel, which is taking cues from the programmatic media buying process, and startup OfferMoments, which claims to serve up personalised ads in retail environments through facial recognition and user-specific mobile data.

Stephen Whyte, chief executive of Posterscope, said: “The most interesting and important aspect of programmatic OOH is the transformation that programmatic ad-serving of creative has enabled. With nearly 50% of OOH spend expected to be digital in 2017, we have made a commitment to evolving our digital offering in order to drive incremental value for clients.

"We have created a sophisticated AI algorithm that makes the benefits of programmatic ad-serving accessible to all clients no matter the scale of their campaign. This is part of Posterscope’s ongoing commitment to provide pioneering location-based solutions for brands."