Nissan owners most likely to shop at Aldi, Beemers love John Lewis, says Viant study

Time Inc adtech company Viant has revealed just what cars say about consumers. Each brand captures varying demographics and as a result, their shopping habits and trends can be accurately estimated – providing new opportunities to brands.

Accessing Viant’s 24.5m registered users, the company compared the habits of two million UK auto shoppers driving either BMW, Nissan or Ford cars.

The study revealed that discount retailer Aldi is more likely to be visited by Nissan owners, they are 12% more likely to shop there than those driving BMWs and 8% more than Ford.

On the other hand, BMW owners like the high-end stores, boasting the largest retail spend, they are 54% more likely to shop at John Lewis and 2.3 times more likely to shop in Selfridges than Ford drivers.

The best at courting millennials is Fiat, with this group 18% more likely to drive a hatchback than non-millennials.

Jon Schulz, chief marketing officer of Viant, said: “The vast volumes of customer data generated every day can be difficult for marketers to make sense of. This report goes further than simply identifying vehicle purchase history or brand website visitation, and drills into where auto shopper fly, stay, shop and even what their interests are on social media.

"It gives auto marketers an edge by helping them cut through the noise and, ultimately, make better decisions.”