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Trump Creative Dump 4: Fake views! Top 10 spoof Donald Trump videos

President Donald Trump has been in office for more than 50 tumultuous days, during which spoofs, parodies and everything in between have cropped up in a plethora of formats.

The already controversial presidency has sparked a creative renaissance across arguably the most diverse group of protestors ever assembled to a common cause.

This week, The Drum's Trump Creative Dump is focusing on video, last week having nailed spoof ads with help from the One Minute Briefs team (check that out here).

Having previously looked at magazine covers and kooky outdoor creative denigrating The Donald, it's time to pin down some of the most curious videos inspired by the president.

10. 'M.A.M.O.N. (Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide)

Donald Trump in a mech suit sending a down-but-not-out group of Mexicans back to their homeland - but they have fight in them yet.

9. Clinton V Trump: White House Rap Battle (Sky News)

Impersonators of the political heavyweights lay down some sick rhymes in a boxing room to promote the first presidential debate that arguably was more humourous than the whimsical spot promoting it.

8. Japanese Donald Trump Commercialトランプ2016

​This video from deranged creative Mike Diva envisions a world where Trump has a large Japanese fangirl following - it is unexplainably disturbing.

7. Trump's Tweets as an Early 2000s Emo Song

Potus loves Twitter, and he'll share every on there from arguably confidential information - to his thoughts on his favourite reality TV shows. This song morphs these tweets into compelling lyrics.

6. Father's Day Advice From Donald Trump

A serious a creative attack ads from the Florida Dems during the election campaign used actual Trump quotes to portray him as an unfit father. There's a full series of them, watch them here.

5. 360fly: The Wall

A commercial for 360fly, a 360 degree camera company, and featuring arguably the funniest Trump impersonator John Di Domenico at the unveiling of the hallowed wall.

4. Donald Trump's Immigration Ink Blot

Another attack ad, this time an overly-artsy, forlorn ink blot test, regurgitating Trump's views on immigration. It's very pretty - and depressing.

3. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump John Lewis Christmas Ad

The launch of John Lewis' much-anticipated Buster the Boxer ad coincided with the US election results - lads publisher Joe launched a perfect parody of both events.

2. Voters for Trump (SNL)

After being accused of legitimising Trump's presidential campaign by hosting him on the show, Saturday Night Live has more than made up for it with regular slots attacking him - racists for Trump is probably the most shocking however.

1. IMPORTANT - Save The Day

A 'shit load' of stars came together to encourage people not to vote for Trump. It features many stars delivering the condemnation with semi-sincerity. And if Clinton won, Mark Ruffolo was to do a nude scene in his next movie apparently.

As part of this year's Chip Shop Awards - the creative awards with no rules - The Drum is on the hunt to find the creative work that makes Potus pout-us.

As part of this drive, we are inviting creatives to attend our AdWeek London pub, The Drum Inn, to participate in an artsy blackboard gallery challenge, more details here.

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