Amazon's Resistance Radio for the Man in the High Castle triggers Trump supporters

Amazon is getting into the habit of kicking up a storm around the Man in the High Castle - a TV show imagining a world shaped by Nazi Germany’s WWII victory.

From comparing President Donald Trump to the Man in the High Castle (Adolf Hitler) in a reworked Time cover, to emblazoning New York carriages with Nazi symbiology, the company's marketing has continuously created a lot of noise for its show around the controversial subject.

Now, Amazon has released the Resistance Radio, an online radio with three channels building out the lore of the show. One channel, the rebel radiocast, broadcasting from the neutral zone in the centre of America, provides a forbidden take on America's Nazi regime.

Publicising the return of season two on Amazon Prime Video, the company rolled out a sponsored hashtag #ResistanceRadio on Twitter, upon which heated debate emerged.

Gizmodo theorizes that far-right members of Twitter mistook the hashtag for a resistance against President Donald Trump – who has repeatedly been tied to Nazi and the KKK.

One Twitter user summarised the situation concisely.

Amazon centred the station in SXSW, as a means of promoting the show.

TV streaming rival Netflix had a similar stunt at the festival to promote Better Call Saul season 3, it opened a Los Pollo Hermanos restaurant.