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HBO makes Game of Thrones fans watch a block of ice melt on Facebook Live in launch date reveal

Game of Thrones fire stunt

HBO, the network behind fantasy TV show Game of Thrones, has proven that the many fans of the series would literally watch anything with its latest stunt heralding the return of the show.

Taking to Facebook Live, fans were invited to watch a block of ice melt all in pursuit of a mysterious reveal. This followed the roll out of a poster hinting at an eventual clash between the factions of ice.

Three million Facebook users have tuned in to watch a block of ice melted by two flamethrowers – beneath the ice was a block engraved with the date of the show’s return to the air. Notably hundreds of thousands of these views were live.

While the live broadcast took more than 20 minutes with some technical difficulties in the middle, the below video has been clipped into a still-too-long eight minutes.

While the event was highly engaged with, the content itself was relatively actionless. One Facebook user said: “Only the power that is GoT can get over 145k people, in the middle of the work day, to come together to watch ice melt... you are my people.”

Following the reveal, the studio unveiled a teaser for the season seven.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO 16 July.

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