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Net-A-Porter embarrassed as image calling for slimming alteration gets uploaded and noticed


E-commerce fashion company Net-A-Porter suffered some bad PR on International Women’s Day (Wednesday 8 March) after it accidentally uploaded a product image instructed a graphic designer to ‘slim’ a model.

The media noticed the gaffe and underlined an existing debate around the realistic representation of fashion items – and the models wearing them.

Blue arrows on the image instructed areas where designers were to streamline (or “slim”) the model to make the products look more sleek and tight fitting. Under the microscope was a khaki bomber jacket which looked loose fitting on the model, an argument the brand has leant upon in a statement to the Telegraph.

“We post images that accurately represent the garments so that customers receive product they expect, this image was uploaded to our product page in error and the notes refer exclusively to the garments.”

Some brands have vowed never to tamper with their photographer, last year American Eagle Outfitters was one such company.

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