Creatives tackle tobacco addiction with warning personalisation website for No Smoking Day

Whether its Spotify or home assistants, personalisation opens deeper engagement with consumers by increasing the likelihood of a connection. Now a creative duo are applying this logic to health warnings on cigarettes.

Copywriter Oli Frost and art director Josephine Shedden of a London-based creative agency, creators of the Cannes Grand Prix generator previously featured in The Drum and the Homeless Period drive, are looking reduce the number of smokers out there to mark No Smoking Day on Saturday (11 March).

A custom-built website enables users to create and print out their own smoking warnings to deliver a personalised and hard-hitting message to any smokers.

“We took an idea that lots of brands are using, personalised packaging, and applied it to health warnings. The best example of these are Coke’s ’Share a Coke’ campaign and similar campaigns by Cadbury’s, Nutella, and Marmite.”

To date the indie project has seen coverage in the Metro, The Huffington Post and ABC with several hundred personalised messages being processed through the site,

Some submissions include: “‘Smoking Kills Mum’, ‘Smoking Kills Phil’ and ‘Smoking Kills You Bro’.”