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Tinder’s secret members-only app for celebrities, supermodels and CEOs outed

Tinder’s secret members-only app for celebrities, super models and CEO’s outed

A secretive members-only app for ‘elite’ Tinder users including CEOs, supermodels, celebrities and the highest ranked users of the regular app has been revealed.

Tinder Select has been devised to cater for the rarified upper echelons of the dating game but exists strictly off grid for mere ordinary mortals, with access obtainable by invitation only.

To gain admittance Tinder is believed to be making use of an algorithmic rating system to identify the most beautiful and well-heeled users, some of whom can nominate others to join.

Tinder Select is differentiated from its bread and butter progenitor by way of a gradated navy blue ‘S’ symbol in place of the Tinder flame, with the blue theme continued as accenting on other elements of the design in place of the more familiar orange.

Select users also have the ability to flip between the high-end app and the ordinary portal with a simple swipe, guaranteeing access to the full Tinder community in areas where Select users are thin on the ground.

Tinder has refused to comment publicly on the app, perhaps mindful of irritating the vast majority of its customers languishing amongst the masses, but it is believed to have been operating for the past six months at least.

Tinder recently surpassed the one million premium subscriptions mark, a $5 per month service to unlock an unlimited number of swipes.