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Mobile is not just a device, it is a lifestyle shift, claims P&G EMEA marketing exec

Sophie Blum

Consumer consumption and the evolving demand for all things mobile go hand-in-hand, according to P&G EMEA marketing VP Sophie Blum, with the understanding that consumers are where the brands are, and advertisers must simply engage and interact with them face-to-face in the present context that matters to them most. At present, what matters to many consumers fits on their mobile device.

“Mobile is not a device anymore – it’s a lifestyle shift,” says P&G EMEA marketing vice president Sophie Blum, in a video interview with Beet.TV at Mobile World Congress. “That’s what is exciting."

“Of course, it’s challenging – it’s a small screen, 12 seconds is a luxury. It requires mastery of technology together with the art of understanding," she says.

Blum notes however, that there are various things that do not change and that once the consumer is understood one can transform the message into a broader creative canvas due to the various vehicles needed. "But, behind any brilliant advertising, there is an authentic brand inside the message," she notes.

Blum was attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which is no longer just the world’s largest mobile expo and conference but rather a gathering point for an array of industries. Besides distinctly non-phone hardware on display, MWC’s main headlines were Nokia’s reintroduction of its classic 3310 handset (a move suggesting mobile launches themselves have run out of steam) and new smartphones that have less bezel and more screen.

As brands and ad agencies flock to the Consumer Electronics Show, Mobile World Congress is continuing to be a big draw for advertisers and marketers.

“What is exciting [is that] this event offers the opportunity for brand masters and tech to collaborate in order to create better answers to consumer needs, wherever they want at their own terms,” says Blum.

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