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Spotify acquires audio recognition company Sonalytic for deeper song personalisation

Spotify acquires

Audio streaming service Spotify has acquired a company that will enable it to construct more accurate playlists based on the listening habits of the user.

For an undisclosed fee, the company has acquired a British audio recognition company that is less than a year old. It has patents including “identify individual songs, mixed content and short audio clips with unparalleled robustness and speed”.

A statement from Spotify read: “We’re happy to announce that Sonalytic is joining the Spotify family. The Sonalytic team is passionate about creating technology to improve the music ecosystem for artists and fans.

“Their advancements in audio feature detection will be used in several ways to advance Spotify’s mission: from improving Spotify’s personalized playlists to matching songs with compositions to improve our publishing data system. Stay tuned for new products we’ll bring to market with Sonalytic’s help.”

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