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Samsung aims to service the next generation of phone users as it cements 5G ambitions at MWC

Samsung announced the roll out of its commercial 5G network at Mobile World Congress today (26 February), profiling “the technologies that will power the launch of the world’s first connected 5G networks.”

Samsung said it wants to be at “the forefront at delivering this next generation network” which has gathered so much attention in recent years, and claimed that it was “uniquely positioned to lead in its broad ecosystem.”

Referring to its presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year where it spoke of its desire to be what connects internet of things devices, Samsung said this network will do exactly that.

“Think of hundreds of connected devices in the home, millions of smart sensors in cities – we are convinced that 5G is the next revolution and it all starts with the network,” said Tim Baxter, Samsung’s president and chief operating officer.

“Fast, instantaneous, and massive – it will connect everybody and everything.”

The suit of products includes a 5G ‘radio base station’ and a “compact” home router that consumers can install themselves.

The mobile brand confirmed that it would be conducting trials of the network in the UK earlier this week, but added that it would also be trialling the product in the US, Korea and Japan ahead of a full roll out by 2018.

It said it was reliant on a number of third party partnerships and has already got Verizon on board.

During the conference, it also unveiled the new Samsung Gear VR which has a controller powered by Oculus Rift.

The controller has a touchpad that will now come as standard, and it will track hand motions, "opening up an incredible number of new ways to interact in VR".