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Trump Creative Dump 2: publishing, print and posters inspired by POTUS


By John McCarthy, Opinion editor

February 24, 2017 | 4 min read

Donald Trump's already controversial presidency has sparked a creative renaissance across arguably the most diverse group of protestors ever assembled to a common cause.

Trump Creative Dump 2

The Trump Creative Dump 2

The media, and most interestingly, the covers they've created signifying the new POTUS, have largely been united in their views while truly unique in their execution.

As part of the Chip Shop Awards - the creative awards with no rules - The Drum is on the hunt for new creative work that makes Potus pout-us.

We've scoured the web in celebration of the most irreverent, effective and amusing work throwing shade over Trump. Over the next four weeks, the finest anti-Trump creative shared will be assembled across the following four categories: ‘Out-of-home and out-of-the-box’, ‘Publishing, print and posters’, ‘Tweets and digital beats’ and finally ‘Fake views! Video’.

Today we're looking at 'Publishing, print and posters'.

15. Time has a few. First up – Person of the Year. Note the 'M' devil horns

Donald Trump

14. Time 'Meltdown'

Googley eye Trump bus

13. Time 'Nothing to See Here'


12. Der Spiegel 'America First'

Der Spiegel

11. Der Spiegel 'Wahnsinn'

Der Spiegel 2

10. Der Spiegel 'Das ende der welt'

Der Speigel 3

9. The New Yorker 'Miss Congeniality'

The New Yorker 1

8. The New Yorker 'Liberty Extinguished'

The New Yorker 2

7. The New Yorker 'Russian Edition'

New Yorker 3

6. New Yorker

New Yorker 4

5. The Sun 'D'Oh'

The Sun

4. Daily News 'Dawn of the Brain Dead'

Daily News

3. Daily News 'Code Orange'

Daily News 2

2. Vonk 'Na De Klap'


1. Liberation​ 'American Psycho'


Don’t forget to share work you think should have made the cut across social channels, not just with The Drum, but anyone who will give it a second glance.

And if you're a creative yourself and want your ads (that need not run) critiqued by a board of experts, why not enter The Drum's Chip Shop Awards?

Or if you need more inspiration check out last week's entry, out-of-home and out-of-the-box creative.

Here's a Trump trailer for the series. It's great. It's really great.

Creative Trump Creative Dump Creativity

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