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Digital and printed book series created to help digital natives fall in love with reading

Epic Adventures is a new digital book series invented by We Love Digital

We Love Digital, a digital creative agency, has shaken up the screen-addicted childhood of the modern day by offering stimulating stories children can access through their love of tech.

Epic Adventures combines digital and printed mediums with a storyline and characters, providing access to a platform with surreal reading material through an interactive digital experience.

James Easley, co-founder of We Love Digital, said of the project: “World Book Day seemed like the perfect time to start getting 'Epic Adventures' out of our combined heads and into the real world. The journey started one year ago – a seed of an idea that has now turned into a multiverse of possibility. We’re super excited to be announcing our first interactive book release this coming summer. Just remember to look behind every door, you never know where it will take you.”

The series aims to create a journey that encourages children to read, play and think outside of their normal boundaries, ensuring that digital will stimulate creativity, rather than provide escapism.

The project will be promulgated for World Book Day, 2 March 2017, and the first book of the series will be available this summer.

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