DishLatino, Havas Chicago celebrate America's Latinos in Sigue Haciéndola (Keep Pressing On) push

DishLATINO and Havas Chicago launch Sigue Haciéndola (Keep Pressing On) campaign

DishLatino has turned to Havas Chicago, their agency of record since 2013, to create a campaign called Sigue Haciéndola (Keep Pressing On) to celebrate the millions of hardworking Latinos in the US who were created somewhere else, but are making it in America.

“Sigue Haciéndola is a celebration of the story common among many Hispanic Americans who left the familiarity of home to build a new life for their family in the US,” said Alfredo Rodriguez, VP, DishLatino. “We want to celebrate and showcase the pride Latinos have both in their home culture and all they have achieved since coming here.”

The campaign will use a microsite which will host photos with the tag line, "We are made elsewhere but are making it here."

“The goal of the campaign is to provide a positive and inspirational message to all Latinos. At the very least it is a brand recognizing the contributions of Latinos in the USA,” said Bernie Gomez, Group Creative Director, Havas Latino Chicago. “It is a visual celebration of everyone who took part and became part of the campaign and will create a much-needed positive energy.”

Additionally, Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez will create a series of seven videos that will recognize Latinos in the US and invite them to be part of the campaign.

“Latinos are highly active in social, are highly tech savvy and to say they overindex in online content consumption would be an understatement. The campaign is an engaging mix of branded content. It starts with the social campaign where people share their Hecho en/Haciéndola en" image. Their image becomes part of an interactive American flag mosaic that makes an impressive statement of cultural pride,” Gomez said. “Video content utilizes Derbez encouraging people to be part of the campaign. As a Mexican making it in Hollywood, his story is our audience's story.”

In addition to the video content, Periko & Jessi León wrote an anthem for DishLatino and for all the Latinos in the US, which will run on Pandora, pre-roll and Instagram.

“DishLatino is able to unite one’s home culture and the US in a way that many brands aren’t able to do. By offering packages with a variety of both Spanish and English language channels, we can connect our customers the shows and sports they love from home while also providing content from the US,” Rodriguez said.

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