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Peer-to-peer car sharing company looks to AI to enhance its app

Peer to peer car sharing

Data management company Yhat is working with Turo, the car-sharing marketplace, to use AI provided by Yhat's ScienceOps to power its mobile applications.

By leveraging Yhat's ScienceOps, Turo can embed pricing and product recommender algorithms directly into its car rental app. The AI enables data driven pricing and vehicle recommendations to people listing and renting cars using the app. Further, the app will aim to give the impression that it understands and anticipates user needs while recommendations use variables like car make and model, user attributes, and predicted competition.

"Customer-level data is everywhere which gives companies an incredible opportunity to serve their customers in a more tailored, personalized way. The challenge is finding a way to convert that into a strategic function," said Austin Ogilvie, CEO and co-founder of Yhat. "Turo is an example of a company that has actually brought data science to life, which is evident when you use their app."

"Turo has millions of data points about how people lend and borrow vehicles. As Turo expanded, we wanted to leverage our data to make it easier and more fun to lend or borrow a car," explains Jerome Selles, director of Data Science and Analytics.

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