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British Vogue launches fashion-forward Facebook chatbot

British Vogue launches fashion-forward Facebook chatbot

British Vogue is the latest brand to tap into the chatbot craze, unveiling what it has described as the first Facebook Messenger bot that allows users to personalise fashion news.

The launch has been chosen to coincide with the start of London Fashion Week and will let readers catch up on runway shows and get updates about their favourite designers.

When Facebookers interact with the chatbot they can pick and choose what kind of content they want delivered to their inbox and how often.

"This is a new method for us to be able to talk directly and immediately to the huge Vogue audience, who rely on us to provide inspiring and authoritative fashion news," said Alexandra Shulman, outgoing editor-in-chief of British Vogue.

British Vogue has been in print since 1916 and joins the growing throng of UK-based publishers turning to Facebook chatbots to distribute their content.

The Guardian recently unveiled a bot capable of engaging in informal chat with users, while the Sun claims its Messenger bot drives almost half of those it interacts with back its site.

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