Twitter unloads after Trump press conference

In one swing of the mic, US President Donald Trump continued his assault on the media in a bizarre press conference that felt, like his inauguration speech, more like a campaign appeal than an update from America's commander-in-chief.

The hastily scheduled 77-minute press conference left many baffled as he continued to talk less about policy and more about his victory over Hillary Clinton, his poll numbers and, predictably, cable TV ratings.

Trump got plenty of people commenting on social media about his often combative and occasionally puzzling remarks on everything from calling Russia “fake news” and growing tired of reporters’ questions, saying he “inherited a mess” and asking for a “friendly reporter” to telling a Jewish reporter to sit down. Trump also said that his embattled administration is "running like a well-oiled machine."

People on Twitter, the President's preferred method of direct communication with the public, certainly had fun and a platform at his expense, with many calling him “unhinged” and even more wondering what they just witnessed. A few of the hits came from Atlantic senior editor David Frum, author JK Rowling, political news source The Hill and even government representatives.

The Congressional Black Caucus, who was called out in the press conference, had this to say after Trump claimed that he was unable to secure a meeting:

Overall, Trump didn't fare well on the platform he repeatedly uses to get his agenda and thoughts out to the public and there is still likely plenty of fallout to come from today's strange turn of events in Washington DC.

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